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ALBUM | Wakazi – Beberu Declaration

Embark on a musical odyssey with Tanzanian hip hop luminary Wakazi as he releases his latest album, “Beberu Declaration.” Hailing from Tanzania, Wakazi is renowned for his lyrical prowess and unwavering dedication to the craft of hip hop.

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Wakazi stands as a formidable figure in the Tanzanian music scene, specializing in the intricate artistry of hip hop. Renowned for his thought-provoking lyrics and charismatic delivery, Wakazi has crafted a distinct identity within the genre.

Beberu Declaration” is a 13-track masterpiece that delves into Wakazi’s artistic depth. The album serves as a testament to Wakazi’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip hop in Tanzania. The title itself hints at a declaration, a bold statement through music.

Within the 13 tracks, Wakazi has seamlessly collaborated with other stellar artists, enriching the musical experience. These collaborations enhance the album’s diversity and showcase Wakazi’s ability to connect with fellow musicians.

Experience the brilliance of “Beberu Declaration” by downloading the album from in high-quality audio MP3. It’s not just an album; it’s a sonic adventure that encapsulates Wakazi’s vision for Tanzanian hip hop.

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Listen to “ALBUM | Wakazi – Beberu Declaration” below;

DOWNLOAD FREE ALBUM | Wakazi – Beberu Declaration

  1. Wakazi – Twaha Kiduku | Download
  2. Wakazi – The Legacy | Download
  3. Wakazi – Ft. Nendenze – Addict  | Download
  4. Wakazi – Ft Dully Sykes – Coco | Download
  5. Wakazi – Clouded Judgement (Nawaza) | Download
  6. Wakazi – Be Careful | Download 
  7. Wakazi – Ft. MJB – Hit Em | Download 
  8. Wakazi – Ft. Eli Hekima – Warrior | Download
  9. Wakazi – Ft. Godzilla, Mwasiti & Atan – Kabila Letu | Download
  10. Wakazi – Ft. One The Incredible, Nikki Mbishi & Freshlikeuhhh – Messi | Download
  11. Wakazi – Unanimaliza  | Download
  12. Wakazi – Ft. Adiana Ross – Over Me | Download
  13. Wakazi – Ft. Adiana Ross, Frankie Maston & TK Nendeze – Set It Off | Download