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Lagos’ Origins: Awori Legacy Amidst Benin Controversy

Embark on a journey through Lagos’ historical tapestry, unraveling the claims and counterclaims of its founders. Explore the roles of the Awori people and the Benin traders, seeking clarity amidst the controversy.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Controversy over Lagos Ownership
    • 2.1 Oba of Benin’s Claim
    • 2.2 Olofin of Isheri’s Counterclaim
  3. Historical Accounts: Aworis’ Role in Lagos
    • 3.1 Olofin Ogunfuminire’s Contribution
    • 3.2 Dispersal Points and Awori Settlements
  4. Benin’s Arrival in Lagos: A Trading History
    • 4.1 Initial Relations and Settlement
    • 4.2 Feud and Olofin’s Successful Defense
  5. Erelu Dosumu’s Perspective: Putting Controversy to Rest
  6. Conclusion
  7. Description
  8. FAQs
  9. Title: “Unraveling Lagos’ Origins: Awori Legacy Amidst Benin Controversy”

Introduction: The historical landscape of Lagos has recently been stirred by a controversy regarding its founders. This article navigates through the conflicting claims of the Oba of Benin and the Olofin of Isheri, shedding light on the rich history of Lagos and the Awori people’s integral role.

Controversy over Lagos Ownership:

Oba of Benin’s Claim: Explore the assertion by Oba Ewuare II that the Binis founded Lagos, sparking a debate over the city’s origin.

Olofin of Isheri’s Counterclaim: Delve into the response by Oba Sulaimon Bamgbade, affirming that the Awori people, with Olofin Ogunfuminire as their progenitor, were the first settlers in Lagos.

Historical Accounts: Aworis’ Role in Lagos:

Olofin Ogunfuminire’s Contribution: Uncover the historical significance of Olofin Ogunfuminire, the progenitor of the Awori people, and his foundational role in the establishment of Lagos.

Dispersal Points and Awori Settlements: Trace the dispersal points from Isheri and the subsequent founding of Awori towns, showcasing the extensive influence of the Awori people in the region.

Benin’s Arrival in Lagos: A Trading History:

Initial Relations and Settlement: Understand the historical context of the Benin people’s arrival in Lagos as traders, settling alongside the Awori community.

Feud and Olofin’s Successful Defense: Explore the feud that arose between the Benin settlers and the Awori hosts, highlighting Olofin Ogunfuminire’s successful defense and the eventual compromise.

Erelu Dosumu’s Perspective: Putting Controversy to Rest: Erelu Dosumu provides insight into the impending resolution of the controversy, emphasizing the importance of utilizing common sense, research, and relics to understand Lagos’ authentic history.

Conclusion: As conflicting claims regarding Lagos’ origins unfold, the legacy of the Awori people stands resilient, contributing significantly to the city’s rich history.



  1. What evidence supports the claim that Aworis were the first settlers in Lagos?
  2. How did the Benin people initially settle in Lagos, and what led to the feud with the Awori community?
  3. What steps are being taken to resolve the controversy over Lagos’ ownership?