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DJ Cuppy Breaks Silence on Marital Woes: “I’m No Longer Engaged”

Nigerian Disc Jockey and multi-millionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy, recently opened up about the challenges in her love life. This article delves into the details of DJ Cuppy’s public revelation, reflecting on her engagement that took an unexpected turn, and the subsequent reactions from the public.

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News Highlights

DJ Cuppy’s Marital Clash: In recent months, DJ Cuppy’s love life, which appeared to be on the mend, faced a setback when her boyfriend, Ryan Taylor, decided to end their relationship.

Silence Amid Reactions: In the aftermath of the breakup, DJ Cuppy chose to remain silent despite the heightened reactions from the public. Fans speculated about the reasons behind the split, creating a buzz on social media.

Public Admission: During a recent public appearance, DJ Cuppy broke her silence and openly addressed the situation. She revealed that she was once engaged to her now-ex-boyfriend, Ryan Taylor, but the engagement came to an end.

Acceptance of Reality: DJ Cuppy acknowledged the unpredictable nature of life and expressed that she has no choice but to accept the outcome of the failed engagement. Her candid admission provided a glimpse into the emotional journey she has been navigating.

Ryan Taylor’s Explanation: Ryan Taylor, in a previous statement, outlined that he parted ways with Cuppy due to her lack of skill in drifting, shedding light on a specific reason for the breakup.

FAQs – Unraveling DJ Cuppy’s Relationship Revelation

Q1: Why did DJ Cuppy break her silence about her relationship?

DJ Cuppy chose to address the public after facing heightened reactions and speculation about her recent breakup with Ryan Taylor.

Q2: What did DJ Cuppy admit to during her public appearance?

DJ Cuppy admitted that she was once engaged to Ryan Taylor but the engagement came to an end, leading her to accept the reality of the situation.

Q3: How did the public react to DJ Cuppy’s revelation?

The public reaction varied, with some expressing sympathy for DJ Cuppy, while others speculated on the details of the breakup.

Q4: What reason did Ryan Taylor give for ending the relationship with DJ Cuppy?

Ryan Taylor cited DJ Cuppy’s lack of skill in drifting as the reason for the breakup, providing a specific explanation for their separation.

Q5: How has DJ Cuppy been handling the aftermath of the failed engagement?

DJ Cuppy’s public admission and acceptance of the situation indicate her willingness to navigate the emotional challenges that followed the end of her engagement.


DJ Cuppy’s decision to share the details of her broken engagement provides a candid look into the complexities of relationships in the public eye. As fans continue to speculate and react, this revelation adds a new chapter to DJ Cuppy’s journey in the limelight.