Requirements for a Transit Visa in Kenya

If you’re planning to transit through Kenya on your journey and need a temporary visa for a short stay, here are the key requirements for obtaining a transit visa.

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Key Requirements:

1. Visa Application Forms:
Complete two visa application forms, ensuring all fields are filled, signed, and dated.
2. Onward Ticket/Itinerary:
Submit copies of your onward ticket or travel itinerary to a third destination beyond Kenya.
3. Passport/Travel Document:
Provide two copies of a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six months.
4. Passport Size Photos:
Include two passport-size photos of the visa applicant.
5. Blank Passport Page:
Ensure there is at least one blank page in the passport for visa stamping.

Application Process:

The transit visa application process in Kenya is straightforward. Fill out the required forms, compile the necessary documents, and submit them to the appropriate visa processing center.

Important Note:

No transit visa application is required for passengers connecting flights directly without leaving the airport.

Kenya Transit Visa Fees:

The cost for a transit visa in Kenya is 20 USD. Please be aware of the fee structure and ensure timely payment during the application process.

For a smooth transit experience through Kenya, make sure to meet these requirements and adhere to the application guidelines. Safe travels!