AUDIO | Choba Mc – Selemani (Prd by DJM Mushizo) | Download


AUDIO Choba Mc – Selemani MP3 DOWNLOAD


Tanzania’s vibrant music scene has been graced with another sensational release as Singeli artist Choba Mc unveils his latest track titled “Selemani.”

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Choba Mc has established himself as a prominent figure in the Singeli genre, known for its energetic beats and captivating rhythms. This new release is set to further solidify his position in the music industry, showcasing his unique style and talent.


Choba Mc, a rising star in the Tanzanian music scene, is a recognized name in the Singeli genre. With a strong local following and an ever-growing fan base, he continues to push the boundaries of his artistry. Known for his dynamic performances and engaging stage presence, Choba Mc has become synonymous with the Singeli movement.

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Choba Mc’s latest single, “Selemani,” is a testament to his musical prowess and dedication to his craft. This track encapsulates the essence of Singeli music, characterized by its fast-paced tempo and electrifying beats. The song’s infectious rhythm and Choba Mc’s distinctive vocals create an irresistible blend that is sure to get listeners on their feet.


Selemani” owes its mesmerizing production to the renowned DJ Mushizo, a skilled producer with a knack for crafting beats that perfectly complement Singeli’s energetic nature. The collaboration between Choba Mc and DJ Mushizo showcases their ability to seamlessly merge their talents, resulting in a track that is bound to be a hit within and beyond Tanzania.

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Music enthusiasts and fans of Choba Mc can experience the magic of “Selemani” by downloading the audio MP3 from This platform provides a convenient way for listeners to immerse themselves in Choba Mc’s music and enjoy the electrifying sounds of Singeli.


Choba Mc’sSelemani” stands as a testament to the artist’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering authentic Singeli music. With his unique style and the support of DJ Mushizo’s production, this track is poised to make waves not only within Tanzania but also on a global scale. As Choba Mc continues to rise as a Singeli sensation, “Selemani” marks yet another milestone in his musical journey.

Download “Selemani” now and experience the infectious rhythms of Choba Mc’s latest masterpiece. Get your groove on with this electrifying Singeli track that’s sure to leave you wanting more. Access the audio MP3 at and join in on the musical sensation!

Listen to “Choba Mc – Selemani (Prd by DJM Mushizo)” below;

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