ALBUM | Harmonize - Made For Use

Music star from Tanzania and Africa in general, Rajab Abdul Kahali popularly known as Harmonize has officially released his new album known as "Made For Use Album".

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Harmonize's Made For Us Album has a total of 14 songs, featuring Mabantu one songs in the album and artists from outside Tanzania, such as Abigail Chams, Spice and Ntosh Ganzi in other truck that are in the "Made For Us Album".

Harmonize who is a good Bongofleva singer and songwriter and is the owner of the Konde Gang record label has continued to have a good time because even in the Made for us album he has collaborated with producers like Bboy Beats, DJ Tarico, Daxo Chali, Paul Maker ,Sign Beats by Gachi B.

Harmonize - Made For Use Album MP3 Download

1.Harmonize - Mwenyewe | Download  
2.AUDIO | Harmonize - My Way | Download 
3.AUDIO | Harmonize X Abigail Chams – Leave Me Alone | Download  
4.AUDIO | Harmonize - Wote | Download  
5.AUDIO | Harmonize - Nitaubeba | Download  
6.AUDIO | Harmonize - Utanikumbuka | Download 
7.AUDIO | Harmonize - I miss You | Download  
8.AUDIO | Harmonize - Die | Download 
9.AUDIO | Harmonize Ft. Bruce Melodie x Nak  - The Way You are | Download 
10.AUDIO | Harmonize Ft. Spice - Miss Bantu | Download 
11.AUDIO | Harmonize - Best Friend | Download 
12.AUDIO | Harmonize Ft. Mabantu - Deka  | Download 
13.AUDIO | Harmonize Ft. Ntoshi Ganzi - Too Much | Download 
14.AUDIO | Harmonize - Ameolewa | Download 

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