AUDIO | Balaa mc - Stress | Download

AUDIO | Balaa mc - Stress | Download

Singeli music artist from Chamanzi in Tanzania, Balaa mc has released his new song "Stress"

Balaa mc has had a good time in his music since he released the song "Stress" which did well and introduced him to music.



Balaa mc He started singing Bakora type of Singeli music before he changed and started singing Ladha along with his DJ and Producer who started together DJ Mushizo who are now no longer together.

balaa mc released this song "Stress" a short time passed when he released his translation
the 26th brilliant.

Balaa MC has already done big works that hit the street like "Shegua", What will you answer", "Chura", Mzuka and many others that continue to do well in the street.
Balaa mc has also worked with big Singeli and Bongofleva Artists like Dulla Makabila, Dayoo, Dogo Elisha, DJ Seven, Platform tz and many others.

And Now It's Undisputed This Artist Balaa MC from Chamanzi in the 26th Brilliant Record Label under Manager Smouder is currently the Logo of Singeli Music as he has participated in major concerts and continues to participate.

Listen to, “Balaa MC - Stress” below;